Print, Media & OOH

Mydentist is India’s largest chain of dental clinics. With an expanding network of more than 110 clinics across the country, Mydentist provides high quality and hi-tech dental care services at affordable prices. Firmly following ethical and transparent practices, Mydentist provides patients with complete information about treatments and pricing.

Category: Digital, Outdoor and Above the line

Activities: Print Ads: We have created a series of innovative print ads communicating Mydentist's high quality dental care services explaining about every aspect and importance of oral health.
Transit Ads: Advertising placed in or on different modes of public transportation/areas like buses, railways, rickshaws and metro.
Outdoor Ads: Advertising done outdoors publicizing Mydentist's dental care services including billboards, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and different business vehicles.
Digital & Social Media Campaigns: Advertising mediums used as part of digital marketing strategy of Mydentist including promotional efforts made via the internet, social media, mobiles, and any and every form of digital medium.
As a new entrant in the Indian dental industry, Mydentist wanted us to build and nurture a brand that is recognised for quality care at affordable prices. Goldmine handles the digital and print activities of Mydentist, helping them increase awareness among the target audience and provide dental information in a creative and easy-to-understand way.