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In the digital world, it’s easy to fall prey to online phishers and fraudsters. And these fraudsters were found looming around money. They found ways to trap people and steal their money. If this was not enough, they stole sensitive details to further trick innocent people into transferring their funds. It was crucial for banking institutions to alert their customers and guide them to inculcate some safe banking practices. Bank of India took it as a responsibility to make people aware of fraudsters and their scams.

The challenge was to explain the consequences of sharing personal information in a manner that was interesting to consume and remember while banking.

And what better way than Cricket to narrate the safety story? Cricket is admired and followed religiously across India. With IPL being the talk of the town and taking social media by storm, Bank of India used it as a strategy to convey the message at the right time. Why IPL? It’s most popular amongst people of all age groups and gender.

We planned our campaign around the attributes of cricket, using cricketing terminologies. From word plays to creatively using the players' names, we integrated banking tips into our communication and divided the campaigns into 3 phases of awareness. We introduced our first campaign - “Fraudsters Ko Bhejo Boundary Ke Par”.

Our second phase was coined around the phrase 'Aisa Ho Hi Nahi Sakta'. Here, we compared the impossibilities of cricket and banking and told our audience things that are not possible in the banking sector.

Phase 3 was all about what a customer should do if he/she gets scammed.

Our message was straight to the point but with a creative twist in it. The campaign was appreciated by audiences on all our social media platforms.

We got a massive reach of 1,23,886 on Facebook, 10,229 on Instagram and 14,700 on Twitter. The brand also saw a good hike in its engagement with the audience.

We were stumped with the number of reach, impressions and engagement that the brand received.


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