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Among most essential services in the world, Banking probably takes the front seat. With people feeling ambivalent and unsettled about their bank accounts, their fixed deposits, their savings in the bank, the cash they would want in hand, and every other basic banking service in the world, the task for the bank to tackle its customers was colossal. Especially, when the protocol was loud and clear: To stay indoors. It was then that the seeds of an awareness campaign to handle this crisis were sown.


The campaign solely focused on bringing digital banking into the spotlight. Through a series of static posts, videos, Gifs, tweets the banks customers and partners were educated and encouraged on using digital platforms and apps to carry out their transactions and banking operations. Our communication effectively focused on motivating the customers to stay safe and bank from the convenience of their house.

The time today has made us realize the importance of so unsung many heroes. Truly so, it does not take capes and masks to save people. Sometimes, heroes make history by simple indulging in small activities of care, determination and passion to help.


As a gesture of gratitude for all the people working outdoors during such a crisis, this campaign focused on a big thank you to all the COVID 19 warriors. From vegetable vendors to hospital staff, it takes a heart of steel to step out and step up only for the betterment of other citizens. Through a series of heartwarming small videos and posts made by us, Bank of Baroda paid tribute to all such braveheart warriors.
The result:

In spite of working remotely, Goldmine emerged to be successful, striding ahead with it’s strength of efficient communication and excellent coordination. The numbers turned out to be massive with over 13.8 million reach on Facebook and 102420 impressions on Twitter. The campaigns were also well received on other social media platforms like linked in, instagram etc.


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