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Music; an artform that is enjoyed by everyone alike, be it young or old, boys or girls, north or south. It is a language of expression for some while it is a means of joy for others. And for World Music Day, Eni wanted to create something that touched every single one of these hearts.

But, World Music Day was just one day to unfurl the idea. With tight deadlines, tighter budgets and less time period to promote the campaign, the idea had to be something that was catchy, shareable and yet, easily executable. And there birthed the idea!

Being an automobile lubricant and engine oil company, Eni’s target audience consisted of mechanics, dealers and automobile enthusiasts. And everything related to vehicles was indeed, music to their ears. Hence, we decided to make music with the everyday objects in their life - an acapella video.

With the help of some music lovers, we composed a tune using objects like the bonnet of a car, horn, sandpaper, spanner and tires. What’s more? It was all shot completely on a mobile. Renting out a real garage for a few hours, the video was shot with the artists. Packaging it with the right messaging the video was ready.

On World Music Day, the video was released on Eni’s social media platforms and backed with a good media plan. The audience received the video very well thanks to its unique format and exciting execution. The views on Instagram alone touched 3870. The idea, the execution, the deadline, everything was a challenge to us but the result was worth the hustle.


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