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GIC Re is a sole reinsurer in the domestic reinsurance market and provides reinsurance to direct general insurance companies in India. The Company has long been associated with Goldmine which has employed various strategy driven approaches towards brand promotion.

The ongoing digital campaign which is running on twitter since October 2019 is an educative series especially targeted at the masses. The communication began by relating the basics of insurance and reinsurance to the TG and portrays the role of the Company in different spheres of the common man's life. The highlight and focal point of the series lies in the creation of a mascot named 'GIC Re Guru' which acts as a tutor to get the informational messages across. The campaign is a mix of posts and videos which surface at regular intervals including festivals and days earmarked for special occasions.

It's a matter of pride for Goldmine that the campaign is working well and the results have been overwhelming. This fact has been voiced and appreciated by the client who attributes the residual success to the simplicity and clarity of the campaign by giving due credit to Goldmine's dedicated and focussed efforts. The fact that the likes, comments and retweets have increased and followers have gone up by 3 folds bears further testimony to the success of the campaign and augments the credibility of Goldmine.