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jlf a bookworms paradise

Bank of Baroda



Margaret Atwood once said, "A word after a word after a word is power." And if we had to sum up our experience at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2023, nothing could be more apt.

Representing Bank of Baroda, one of the venue sponsors at the festival, Goldmine had one most amazing 5 days covering Bank of Baroda’s social media for JLF 2023. Lots of legwork involving waiting at book signing queues and running up to an author for bytes kept the happy hormones flowing.

It was a joyland.

Once inside, everything became so very kind and human.

A celebration of thoughts, ideas and the collective spirit of community away from the eyes of the world and its politics, Jaipur Literature Festival is a cradle that nurtures young minds and their curiosity.

Set amidst scenic lawns, under the blue spread of the pink city; JLF is a paradise for storytellers. Ahead of its time, since its inception, it gives birth to a synergy between the writer and the reader; between facts and perspectives; between the universal and the ever changing nature of the world in all its abundance.

A melting pot of writers, journalists and thought leaders from all around the globe; bookworms of all ages were swept off their feet by the sight of the idols they revere as gods and whose words they abide by as sacred commandments.

The festival raised significant questions regarding a whole spectrum of raging issues plaguing today’s world. Be it how tech is going to shape tomorrow’s societal thought pattern or the impact of colonialism or the reparations to the colonised. From the need to have conversations on mental health to the character of militancy, JLF 2023 had it all.

It was an open ground that offered dialogue among groups who are otherwise flung far left, right and centre of the ideological circle. Giving a chance to humanity, it harnessed the hope of a better future for all through unity, affection, consideration and the will to drive change.

Needless to say, every soul left a bit more empowered, to change their world for the better.