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Moment marketing is a relatively recent strategy in the quest to rule the digital landscape. To put it briefly, it is nothing but an opportunity to leverage some digital traction over viral trends. Every company is going bonkers in an effort to capitalise on trends, keep up with the ever changing algorithm and compete for YOUR attention.

As easy as it sounds, it can get really challenging for marketers. When it comes to delivering pertinent and timely content across different digital platforms, we aim to grab some eyeballs too. Here’s how we hopped on the FIFA trend with various brands and rode the popular wave.

A billion dollar company who is the manufacturer of the widest range of cables in India, APAR has been really creative with its social media. To cater to that, we designed a niche oriented post with the winning team's colours in the background.

Eni, an engine oil company offers lubricants for a range of vehicles from cars to tractors. Being the quirky brand that it is, we added a hint of Argentinian flag and showcased the power that drives them towards the victory.

Union Bank of India is one of the leading public sector banks of the country. Keeping the winning post minimal and professional, we congratulated the team.

Arkos is a 360 degree solution provider that revolutionises your mobility concerns. To match its heavy duty personality, we portrayed the brand to be the champion of the road who always has its A game on!

Final words
To put it briefly, moment marketing is basically striking the hammer when the iron is hot and making the most of it. A lot of industries are shifting their focus towards this type of marketing and come up with ideas that are appropriate for a particular moment. But remember, no matter how awesome the opportunity would be, you must exercise extreme caution when choosing the timing and tone of your communication to not look like you’re “trying too hard”.