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Investment Banking

SBI Capital Markets Limited (SBICAP) is one of India's leading Domestic Investment Banks offering the entire gamut of investment banking and corporate advisory services. Over the past years Goldmine is actively involved with the corporate communications wing of SBICAP for which Goldmine is the sole outsourced agency.

Annual Report

Over the years, Goldmine has dedicated itself repeatedly to enhance the corporate image of SBICAP and the task of designing theme-based Annual Reports for the Bank is no exception. In the last financial year (2018-19), the Bank adopted the theme - 'Strength comes from an indomitable will' suggested by Goldmine for its Annual Report. The visuals which ran across the pages wore a unique 'futuristic' appearance. Goldmine, aided by its supportive creative and proofreading team executed the job flawlessly, much to the satisfaction of the client.

Foundation Day ad.

Creating and releasing the press ad. for the 33rd Foundation Day of SBICAP was yet another prestigious task that came its way for Goldmine. The ad. depicted the Bank's milestones and its services extended to industries across various sectors. It was published in all-India editions of Business standard (front page) dated 1st Aug. 2019. The successful execution and release of the ad. attracted the client's appreciation adding to Goldmine's credibility.


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