05th January 2021, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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The year 2020, that it was; life-changing and beyond anyone’s imagination. As we come towards the end of this year, there are innumerable closures that it brings along.

Just like they say, hope is a powerful thing. And sometimes, just a little bit of it is also enough. The belief that there is a light that awaits us beyond this long dark tunnel called 2020. The fact that 2021 will give us a strength much bigger than all our fears combined, it will empower us beyond our apprehensions and make way for us to come out shining again. Perhaps, this hope is what should serve as our biggest vaccine.

Ofcourse, there’s still a long way to go. But what 2021 promises is a ‘‘new BETTER normal’’. Maybe, now sunsets will be witnessed with sand in our toes again, or our Namastey will also be accompanied with a loving jhappi, or our meetings would be held without any screen between us. It is this hope that we’re all clinging to. It is this healing that we’re all embracing to.

Welcome 2021, we await you like we’ve never awaited any year before.