28th February 2022, By Durvakshi, Junior Copywriter

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The digital landscape is evolving every year, laying the foundation for the future of marketing. The year 2021 hasn't disappointed us, regardless of how turbulent it was. In fact, the digital marketing trends in 2022 could be the most revolutionary to date.

After Tiktok got banned in India, YouTube Short & Instagram reels have taken over all other social media channels as the leading platform among Gen Z users. Facebook in recent months renamed itself to Meta to reflect the company's ambitions to embrace the metaverse, a 3D virtual world. To help you digest and navigate the year ahead, let’s glance through the top digital marketing trends to watch in 2022.

1. Personalisation

Personalisation's alluring promise may not be on the horizon yet, at least not at scale, but it's not far away. Advances in technology, data and analytics will enable marketers to offer far more customized and human experiences across channels, times and buying phases in the near future. The goal of personalization marketing is to engage customers by communicating with each individual. Customers are more comfortable with providing personal information to their favourite brands if they are getting something in return. They happily fill out forms, participate in surveys to get discounts and indicate their favourite purchases or preferences.

2. A great marketing tactic is using video-based content and live streaming.

The usage of video is an appealing medium that captures the attention of the audience and assists businesses in not just selling things but also building brands. Social media, in particular, may be used to send video content straight to viewers' screens. Live streaming may appear to be more valuable to businesses and should be on the page of every digital marketing strategy. When brands make use of a good quality platform to engage their audience, the consumer connects to the brand more with the quality used to mesmerize them. In terms of live streaming, it helps you grow your audience and gives access to customers who wouldn’t have participated in the announcement or your question and answer session.

3. User Generated Content

User-generated content will function as social proof to support your brand's message, assisting you to increase your social followers, enhance client connections, create confidence in the target audience, increase SEO value and thereby increase sales. This will create a positive impact on the consumer's minds and will urge them to purchase the product. The user-generated content requires to be empowered with trust and also communicate effectively with the most active group of shoppers to keep them engaged.

4. VR and AR

Virtual reality eliminates your sights and sounds and replaces them with a computer-generated environment. Whereas, Augmented Reality leverages technology to overlay sounds, graphics, and text on top of the real world. When used correctly, virtual and augmented reality has the potential to increase buyer awareness, provide better personalization and accelerate the purchase process.

5. Solving Privacy issues

The data protection and privacy environment have shifted significantly in recent years. Many disputes over privacy management and security have resulted in doom and gloom for many businesses. In this context, creating and implementing a system for the consumer is a wonderful approach to keep them secure in this area.

These digital marketing strategies are bound to evolve and change the way we see the world. Let's see what's coming up next that'll amaze us to a new level.