16th November 2022

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As I put my pen to paper, digitally, with thoughts about this blog fogging my mind, I take a pause. And sip my coffee first. Because, nothing comes before my hot brew!

For me, coffee is my potion, my lifeblood. Be it cracking mind boggling campaign ideas or meeting neck to neck deadlines, a hot cuppa gets me through it all. (Even some bashing sessions), and so is the case with a lot of my agency kin.

So one fine day, I sat down to see why coffee is THE drink though? Exhibit A. There’s a kind for every kind. If there’s a back breaking technical pitch with jargons all around, I know black coffee is the only one that can keep me away. On days that I’m meeting my favourite client, nothing less than a cappuccino from my most visited coffee house will suffice. My boss loves a good espresso shot before an insightful brainstorming. He would say it gives him a good brain kick so the idea would hit me as soon as the caffeine blends with coffee. But I prefer some good ol’ flavourful filter coffee to keep my grey cells running. And for a “normal” mundane day around the office, flavoured coffee like vanilla, mocha, hazelnut or caramel, blends the perfect amount of energy, excitement and essence into my days.

And for exhibit B, who does not like a drink that teases you with its aroma, treats your taste buds, wakes up your visual and aural senses and embraces you with a blanket of warmth. Reaching here, my coffee is already over and my hands are reaching for one more. Care to join?