16th December 2022

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If messaging is the body, storytelling remains the soul of every brand communication.

From the earliest newspaper print ads to modern digital media, the plain jane messaging has now turned into storytelling, making the connection with the audience―and the connection in turn, makes the sale.

Brands like McDonald’s and Red Bull have very clear-cut messaging conveying very clearly what the brand wants and what it stands for. They make an immediate and surface-level connection with the audience but fail to build a deeper bond that lasts long.

red bull            mc d

With smartphones and data access, the marketing landscape has transformed like anything. Along with this, messaging has evolved to storytelling and telling the right story to today's consumers is proving to be a new kind of challenge. With the always-connected GEN Z having shorter attention spans and higher expectations, the art of storytelling has to be innovative.

Why Storytelling?

A story is memorable - Every year on Raksha Bandhan & Diwali, Cadbury creates some heartwarming stories building a special bond that comes with its box of chocolates that lasts for long. The audience may forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Everyone loves a good story: Humans respond to stories as they create positive emotions like trust, compassion and empathy in us and instantly build connections. Brands can tap this feel-good factor and increase engagement among users.

Stories can be shared: Stories are highly relatable and can be shared with a variety of people with a huge potential of being viral.

Stories can drive action: A meaningful story can spark conversations leading to higher engagements and better conversions.

There could not have been a better time for the importance of storytelling in brand communication that is turning out to be innovative and exciting. Brands can weave together the data and emotions together to create a story that gives the customer a reason to buy your product/service.

So as a brand, what’s your story?