16th November 2022

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Billionaire and certified memelord Elon Musk completes his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, and the internet loses its collective mind.

Some were happy, some were sad, and the advertisers are still confused.

Reading the chaotic tweets by Elon Musk since the takeover, we got a glimpse of what’s in his mind. However, with the introduction of a new policy every day, it’s difficult to predict what’s coming next for this social platform.

So, to understand the situation a bit better, let’s take a closer look at major things that’s happened so far and understand the possible changes in marketing.

A bird trapped in a Tesla coil: How to market now?
“Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”
  -Elon Musk

Perhaps the biggest talking point on the internet is the infamous $8 per month plan for a verified tag. From a marketing perspective, it’s an expense that agencies must consider before quoting the expenses with your customers in the coming years.

Another implication of this change is the problem of authenticity. An argument states that anyone can pay $8, use an identical profile pic of Elon Musk, and impersonate him as a verified profile.

Until such queries get definitive answers from Twitter, confusion still lingers.

“Low relevancy ads are spam,
but highly relevant ads are actually content.”
  -Elon Musk

This statement best sums up what kind of ads will work on Twitter from now on. The current CEO has already expressed his opinion on generic, direct, and irrelevant promotions that people would rather never see again.

Instead, ads that capture people’s attention for long through timing, relevancy, and engagement will do wonders on Twitter with new policies. Creative agencies must keep their creative juices flowing to bring innovative, attention-grabbing “content” with high recall value.

With what little we know about this situation, here are the key pointers to be remembered for Twitter marketing.

- The marketing cost will surely increase if the client wants to keep its “verified” tag (Which most clearly do).
- India’s stand on Twitter’s paid subscription model is still uncertain.
- Generic ads will no longer work on a platform with the threat of being considered spam.
- Relevance and engagement will play a huge role in the success of ads on Twitter.

As a creative agency that uses social media to share brand stories, the Twitter situation can be a great learning experience.

Designing a captivating marketing strategy among uncertainties and chaos won’t be easy. However, with a constant watch on ongoing situations and focusing on generating top-notch engaging content, we can definitely bring the right eyeball to the right message.

Besides, it would be fascinating to see if Mr. Elon Musk could keep his promise of making Twitter the most accurate source of information about the world.