21th November 2020, By Shruti, Copy Supervisor

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Two healthy meals a day and clean drinking water - that’s happiness celebrated every day in the life of a farmer. With the arrival of a festival, this celebration multiplies. Out of all the festivals, Diwali holds a special place in the heart of a farmer, like an enduring emotion.

How in festivals we are engrossed in doing our best to enjoy the best result. That's exactly what a farmer does every day. A day in his life is worth a hundred years. It’s valuable and his efforts, priceless. If only we could express our gratitude towards his selfless hardship.

This Diwali, we celebrated every farmer and their hard work that reaps happiness in abundance. We gave an ode to every farmer who would never realise how beautiful his journey is. All of this was brought to life through a Sand Art.

Our story revolved heavily around the emotions of a farmer that starts from the first drop of rain falling on his face to him ploughing the field to him caring for his crops and finally, harvesting the crops. These crops and his hard work are his most precious jewels which he celebrates on Diwali with his family. This is what he lives for.

Sand artist: Vivek Patil