4th May 2022, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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Brand Background

The creators of tomorrow, Apar Industries is a diversified billion dollar company excelling in a wide range of cables, specialty oils, polymers and lubricants with presence in over 125 countries. Their Light Duty Cables division, Anushakti, is a recent acquisition at Goldmine Advertising and we are entrusted with the responsibility for managing their social media platforms.


Anushakti’s presence is currently strong in the southern markets with negligible footprint in the other regions of the country. Their aim was to mark their presence in every corner of the nation, making Anushakti a household name.

Opportunity & Insight

To be known across the nation, their marketing strategy had to be one that resonates with the audience nationwide. And what unites India better than a celebrity? With this in mind, Anushakti went ahead to rope in Sonu Sood as the brand ambassador for the brand. The decision was taken keeping in mind his likewise fame in the south & north of India and philanthropic persona.

Idea & Execution

Right from running exciting teaser campaigns to launching him online, we at Goldmine Advertising were tasked with promoting this grand association. The agency also ran a paid media campaign to widen the reach. From posts on social media to super fun reels, everything had Sonu Sood being the face of Anushakti.


The creatives and videos were successfully delivered within a short span of time. During the 6 day long social media campaign, we estimated a reach of 4,00,000 via our paid media but succeeded in achieving 4,67,113 impressions. Also in terms of post engagement activity, our estimated reach was 95,000 but happily broke our own record by achieving 303,272 impressions.