26th April 2019, By Shruti Acharya, Sr. Copywriter

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Goldmine’s (Forward) relationship with BoB. How it helped the agency in retaining the client?

It all started on the first day of the new year - 1st January, 2016. There couldn’t have been a better day to embark on a new journey. We have always been excited about working with Bank of Baroda since day one. Be it their interesting briefs or ideas to introduce a newly launched product/ service, we’ve given our 100% attention to fulfil the promise of delivering better result.

Today, when the bank is on the forefront of leading two Indian banks - Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank - we feel proud to join them in this journey so bigger than life. Wondering how? In a multi-agency pitch held in early 2019, once again, Goldmine (Forward) was selected to lead their social media presence for another 3 years. This will be one of our biggest achievements which made us believe that hard work definitely leads to success you can’t express in words.

Bank Of Baroda

Together, we have come a long way. But hey! It wasn’t a cake walk. Like with any other clients, we have dealt with unrealistic deadlines, urgent briefs, long deliverable list etc for Bank of Baroda as well. But, in between delivering the work, we developed an understanding with the Bank and formed an unbreakable relationship on the foundation of trust. With our strategic insights, digital expertise, in-depth knowledge of the category and a strong social analytics & management software ‘QuickMetrix’, we shall continue to strengthen Bank of Baroda’s visibility online.

Here’s what Aastha Singla, Co-Founder of Forward, have to say about the bond we share with the Bank and our next steps - “The next 3 years are very crucial for Bank of Baroda as it merges with Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank making it the 2nd largest public sector bank in the country. Yes, this is a huge change and we expect a lot of challenges and opportunities, but since we’ve already worked with Bank of Baroda, we are more aligned towards where they would like to be in the future.”


Bank Of BarodaClient Relationship