31th January 2020, By Shruti Acharya , Copy Supervisor

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Alright! If we ask you to recall your favourite advertisement that you remember, which one would it be?

Chaar boondon wala Ujala?

Neema Rose, Neema Rose. Roz Roz Neema Rose?

Washing powder Nirma. Washing powder Nirma?

These ads are from the 90s where the jingle was not only easy to remember, but was finely knitted with the product type making it easier for consumers to remember the new product and the brand while shopping.

Now, if we ask you to think about the ads you saw just yesterday, which would they be?

Even though you likely saw 100s of ads (on TV, billboards, online, logos), if you’re like most people, you wouldn’t be able to recall more than a few. Agree?

No wonder advertising is the best marketing tool to introduce consumers to the newly launched products in the market. But today, we are flooded with uncountable ads on every medium available - TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Billboards, etc., and why not? Manufacturers and businesses are aiming to upgrade their products and services as per the evolving needs of their consumers. In the battle to offer the best, each brand wants to win and own a space in the minds of its consumers.

In between being exposed to a million ads and understanding what’s what, we fail to remember the product/ brand that’s been talked about. What could be the reason? People’s busy schedules, consumers’ lack of attention and interest or… advertisers and creativity? Let’s find out.

1) How much creativity is too much creativity?
The best ads are the most effective ones with the right amount of creativity, thought and insight. What good is an ad if it doesn’t serve the very purpose of remembering the brand it was made for?

2) An all-inclusive brief
A creative brief is often the differentiator between good and ‘awesome’ creative work. A good, researched brief often lends the creative team the right ammunition to strike balance between strategy and creativity to position the brand to its target audience.

3) A new ad. Ad new message
Too many different points of communication with each ad. There are very few brands, who stand by their positioning for a longer time. In order to address short-time market demands, or answer a competition, brands keep trying out different ads, without realising that it is diluting their positioning.

After going through the reasons, don’t you think advertising is all about striking the right balance between creativity and recall?


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