4th May 2022, By Lakhan Varma, Copywriter

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Once upon a time, there was only one screen that everyone in a family watched at the same time. There was no touch of personalisation or customisation while watching TV, everyone watched what was served. But then came a revolution and it changed the way people consumed content, we call it the OTT era. OTT stands for “Over The Top” and refers to any streaming service that delivers content over the Internet. OTT was gradually taking over TV but then COVID happened. Everything came to a stand still, everyone was made to sit at home and that’s when the revolution in content consumption happened.

Movies and shows were no longer released in theaters as the shootings were halted due to lockdown and the traditional TV cables became mundane as nothing new was broadcasted there. This is where OTT came to the rescue. It offered personalisation, customisation and the best thing was multiple-user policy. So, now if the dads wanted to watch the old show and the kids wanted to watch an animated series, it was not an issue because OTT allowed us to view content from different platforms too.

This also allowed the brands to step up their advertising game. Now they can target each family member and also reach a new set of audience with the number of subscribers increasing on OTT platforms.

Since then, brands have been realigning their operations and strategy, resulting in tremendous transformation.

The epidemic had a significant role in the rise in OTT popularity, and businesses and brands are taking note of this. Marketing budgets are also on a wave because OTT advertising is gaining traction in India.

Below are the following reasons why brands today favour OTT platforms.

1. Everything at one place

Advertisers now had their audience in one place. Right from the elders to the kids, everyone was consuming content through OTT. While the parents were watching daily soaps, the kids were watching cartoons and both were receiving ads as per their preference or the show that was being played. This way, the brand got the chance to tap both its TG in one place.

2. A lot to experiment

OTT offers brands a space for experimenting and finding the best way to promote themselves. One such effective way was brand integration with the storyline of the show. A few of the great examples are Unacademy tying up with Kota Factory to place themselves as the coaching platform, Kingfisher and TVF Pitchers and OLA collaborating with the show called Permanent roommates.

3. Unskippable Ads

Advertising on OTT is a win-win deal for the advertisers because they get all their TG in one place, and they can’t skip the ad too. They can’t skip the ad by closing the window or installing any adblocker. So this way, the advertiser can get the maximum view time on their ads.

4. Increased audience participation

The OTT era also emphasises on audience interaction and engagement. With features like polls, quizzes, and play-alongs, marketers can gain a better knowledge of their target audience and engage in more meaningful interactions.

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) anticipates the evolution of OTT taking place in stages, similar to how we saw in programmatic buying platforms years ago. With so many benefits, OTT is not only the best medium to consume content for the viewers but also a great place for the advertisers to market their products.