05th January 2021, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan , Copywriter

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A glance at the massive pyramids, the vibrant, sky-high gopuras of South Indian temples or the graceful sculptures of Indian architecture, is enough to raise questions in our minds about their construction, in the predigital era. I mean, can you imagine designing a stunning ancient crystal chandelier without looking up for references in Art magazines? Or designing a Royal hand embroidered robe without having a few Pinterest boards? Seems like the design sense of the ancient artisans went beyond the programmatic and learning. And that is the space for us to venture into.

So what can a millennial designer take out of the seasoned designer’s books? Perhaps, a little imagination. Blame it on technology, but for the millennials a lot of their creativity is inspired. While that works magnificently, a tad more of imagination can surely make for the win. With social media, becoming an artist is now literally just a click away and there are thousands sailing on that boat. But what makes a true artist stand out is when their originality, their personality ooze out of the curves and slashes of their designs. And that is what we, as modern day artists need to learn from the masters.

So, every once in a while, put the phone away and look around while the world is still beautiful. Find your tones in the shades of the setting sun and bring them to your screen. Because art is everywhere around you.