28th December 2021, By Shruthi Acharya, Copy Supervisor

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A name to reckon with in Russia.

Belenkaya Vodka has been the absolute leader in the vodka market in Russia since 2016 and is one of the ten largest world vodka brands.

From Russia to India

With Belenkaya’s presence in the Indian Market for about 4 years, the brand needed to create awareness among its target audience. As a brand that boasts of a premium purification process with charcoal, and many more such details, there was a story waiting to be told and enjoyed. That’s where we came in. We were tasked to identify opportunities to organically grow the brand across social media channels, increase brand awareness which would in turn help boost sales.

Our approach

Having learnt that Alcohol brands saw an increase of 326.51% engagement in 2020, we knew that the timing couldn’t be better. We went ahead and crafted a unique brand voice that resonated with the primary target audience and had unique visual designs for each campaign.

The #LovefromRussia Campaign on Instagram was created with an aim to bring about brand awareness among the metro cities. Using unique colours and format styles, we travelled to different destinations.

Presenting the drink at every opportunity.

From creating posts on trending topics like Money Heist to posts that send out a safety message, we do it all!

Our aim is to break into the market slowly and with the right target audience.

The result

- Organic followers increased by 70% in the first quarter.

- Combined influencer activities with social media activities

- Rise in interactions on social posts