14th July 2018, By Aditya Naik, Copywriter

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Respecting your upbringing and inner strength is critical not only to evolve as an extraordinary achiever but also to leave a legacy that transcends bottom lines. Valuing the struggle during our yesteryears powers us to face difficulties. It infuses the belief that we are more powerful than any of the outside circumstances.

Power of Communication

When we recognize that we are bigger than our problems, we gain the courage that’s necessary to overcome anything. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and no one knows this better than Scottish actor Sir Thomas Sean Connery, who’s lived the rags to riches story.

Bred by Hardships

Thomas Sean Connery was raised by challenges, feared by destiny and adored by excellence. He lived in a sub-human condition and once expressed that he didn’t have the luxury of worrying about his inner self but the humble upbringing made him what he is today.

Surviving the Struggle

Before becoming an actor, he donned many roles right from a milkman to the seaman. His willpower acted as a manifestation of his inner strengths, enabled him to take decisions responsibly, and carry them through with perseverance. Also, his native shrewdness and intelligence added to his success.

Letting the legacy continue

Sir Connery, carried into his craft the drive and professionalism of a person who understood what work really meant. However good life is to him, he never forgets his past. Experiences have made him the man he is today. He once said, “I’m not stingy, but I’m careful. I don’t throw my money around because money gives you power and freedom. I have respect for it because I know how hard it is to earn and keep. I come from a background where there was little money. One doesn’t forget a past like that.”