5th April 2022, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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Brand introduction

Bank of Baroda, one of the leading Government banks of India, has always expressed its affection towards arts, culture and literature. Thus, its long association with the globally loved and celebrated Jaipur Literature Festival is a strong one. For years, the Bank has been either a venue or title sponsor for the event, thereby promoting the culture of literature among the people.


This year, after a gap of one year, Jaipur Literature Festival returned to the ground with Bank of Baroda as a venue sponsor. But, keeping up with the fashion around, it was also a hybrid event. The agency was briefed to market the event online while covering on ground activities.

Opportunity & Insight

Jaipur Literature Festival witnesses a sea of literature and art lovers from around the world. Being venue sponsors, Bank of Baroda also wanted to attract the audience to their social media handles and to their on ground stall at the event. And what better than some exciting literature quizzes to entice the enthusiasts?

Idea & Execution

At the stall, the team arranged activities like spin the wheel, guess the book cover challenge, dumb charades with book titles and filling in the blanks of the book names. The winners of these games were rewarded with Bank of Baroda goodies. Simultaneously, the social media handles of the Bank ran contests like decoding the book names with smileys and twisting the end of their favourite tales. Literature lovers flooded their entries with great enthusiasm and the winners took home gift vouchers.

Additionally, the authors who graced the Bank of Baroda sponsored venue also featured on the Bank’s handles to share a few words of appreciation for the event and their experience there.


This exciting phase increased the Facebook follower base of Bank of Baroda by 1.34 lakh thereby causing a surge in impressions as well. On Youtube, the views jumped by 5% taking up the follower count. The ongoing contests helped rake in more engagement on Facebook & Instagram leading to a 150% increase in people talking about the event.