15th February 2023

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We’re all familiar with those AI bots appearing on numerous websites saying;

“Hi, I am [Generic AI Name], your digital assistant, how may I help you?”

But can you imagine an AI writing an in-depth article on the modern history of India?

Yes, we have come this far in AI technology with its crowning achievement ChatGPT

Created by Open AI, ChatGPT is an AI communication tool that generates intelligent content and communication that seems almost human-like.

How Does ChatGPT Work?
The Moderation API system of ChatGPT allows developers to identify whenever it produces false, harmful, and illegal content and intervenes accordingly. ChatGPT can also condense big ideas into simple words.
It can also have a humanlike conversation through advanced machine learning and generate programming codes that offer the exact intended results.

Impact of ChatGPT on Marketing
From a marketing perspective, ChatGPT can work as a bank of ideas at scale. Let’s say you want to generate a campaign on a sports club, you can add command prompts like “Ideas to promote a sports club among the millennials and Gen Z with a focus on the services they offer.”
ChatGPT will then generate a variety of promotional content with various tips within a few minutes. The creative team can then refer to the content to elevate the quality and make it more specific to the target audience.
Although, it’s really important to not rely simply on the content provided by ChatGPT, as it must be overlooked to identify linguistic and tonal errors . This is where the elevation part comes into play.

Limitations of ChatGPT
With all its benefits, ChatGPT is still far away from replacing humans due to the following limitations:

  • - Content generated by ChatGPT is still not 100% grammatically accurate
  • - It can get some objective facts wrong
  • - Data transparency issues are still prevalent
  • - Content gets more mundane with each update
  • - Can’t process location-based data.

To sum it up, ChatGPT can be a great asset for the marketing industry once it goes public. However, the need for human intelligence to create a holistic promotional copy that grabs the attention of the right audience.

What’s more AI has in store for us? Only time will tell.