16th December 2022

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Sushrut Hospital and Research Center is a renowned name in Mumbai with an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost. The hospital’s mission is to provide medical treatment that is safe, ethical and affordable. So when the hospital approached us to put a word out about the first ever kidney transplant operation, we took it with open arms.

The hospital wanted to gain the attention of their patients, their visitors, and the community at large; and they wanted to do so in a way that would help them be seen as a hospital that now does kidney transplant, that too laparoscopically which is a first in entire Chembur. Thus, we gave this Kidney Transplant Operation story an emotional connection. The first case was of a mother donating a kidney to her own child, thereby giving him a lease of life, the second time. Thus that was the premise of our campaign. Our print advertisement revolved around this story of the mother-son duo while on social media we parallelly ran a campaign that spoke about the celebration of this first for Sushrut Hospital.

Like the campaigns done for the greater good of the society, what mattered to use more than the likes & reach of this campaign was the goodwill it generated. And that was humongous. With the help of our team, we created a picture perfect campaign that helped Sushrut Hospital gain more trust and recognition from the community.