28th December 2021, By Janvi, Copy intern

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Creating advertisements that are appealing to Generation Z takes time and research. After a small survey, we discovered that the Millennial and Gen Z cover a wide age range. Unlike other generations, GenZ is more tech-savvy and “woke”, so you've just got 8 seconds to convey your end of the deal or it’ll be a huge miss.

So how do we decipher the GenZ code?

Because Gen Zers can make a choice from a significantly wider range of content on their fingertips, promotional pop-ups must be relatively short and engaging. Now what's relatable to them? The answer is ✨influencers✨. These freshly famous icons are more like their e-friends giving them advice rather than those intrusive advertisements which they tend to skip.

“It's the straightforwardness and aesthetics for me” ~GenZ 2021 on advertising Humour for the zoomers

They expect complete transparency from you, because if it doesn't pass the vibe, it's not persuasive enough period Another feature that attracts this generation’s attention is humour! GenZ is the CEO of humour so if you wanna get into the OG Fam, you gotta add humour in your content.

Direct is Boring

Advertising directly is vanilla, instead, sell the concept or story behind your service. What value are you trying to sell? What are the feelings associated? Add these factors and you’ll be good to go!

Social media is VIP

When it comes to online presence, it’s critical! Should there be more visuals in a post? Yes. Should we post daily? You bet. Should we have short captions with creative hashtags? Yes Yes Yes! This generation is digitally literate and if they can't find you on social media, you’re probably not authentic.

In several aspects, advertising to GenZ will be different from advertising to the older generations. It will be difficult and time-consuming, no cap. However, if we crack this code, 27% of the Indian population will be sorted! So are you ready to decipher the GenZ Code?