31th January 2020, By Venkat V , Sr. Copywriter

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"Buddi ka baal" is a cotton candy which is often seen in fun fairs. It is made out of maybe just one spoonful of sugar and a pinch of colour, (mostly pink), blown out of proportion and loosely wound round a wooden stick. Though it is adorable and relished, "Buddi ka baal", can well be considered as a metaphor of something very little in substance that is made to appear larger than its worth.

A designation, tagged to a working professional based on his work profile, must have the sugary taste of "Buddi ka baal" but in no manner should it even remotely be inspired or influenced by its size factor. It has been noticed that if designation is taken as a benchmark to weigh oneself or to be weighed by others, arrogance and vanity tend to eclipse his character which only lead to prejudices behind his back. These are more rampant in an organization which adopts a fuddy-duddy corporate culture. However, the wise employees who hold performance above designations operate at a different league altogether. They are the ones who are more courteous, rise above their designations and have realized that remuneration and respect are directly proportional to their performance and not their designation be it in the eyes of the management, their peers or their seniors.

Irrespective of designations, the ones who perform are receptive to the concept of reverse mentoring and don't feel 'threatened' when they need to learn something from someone younger or junior particularly when they need to keep themselves abreast with technology. Naturally, they are the ones who are truly successful in commanding respect.

Thus, performance most indubitably has an edge over designations.


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