21th November 2020, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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Digital marketing has truly changed the face of advertising. With trends, being born and dying everyday, coupled with technological advancements and dynamic content formats as per the consumers, the digital universe is truly an open ground - for anyone and everyone who wants to make a change.

What’s more interesting is the bright future it promises. With digi maestros like Google, Facebook, Instagram upgrading their algorithm game - it is more likely for you to see only the kind of content - you like. While right now, this world works with the engagement mantra, in future, it will be based on the intensity of that engagement.

In the IOT, virtual reality and augmented reality zone, there have been shifts in digital strategy, with the customer being put before the brand, and the brands likely to gain lucrative returns of it, this stands as a win-win situation for both. What may come to an end in the near future is the SEO technology, with rising focus on engagement and its subsequent effectiveness.

The final lesson that brands need to take from the awaited tomorrow is the need to develop strong narratives. Especially the ones that come across as relatable, focus on people’s desires and aspirations. The need to become creators of the brands, themselves - so as to make themselves the consumers. This will happen when these brands combine creativity, technical data, analytics and also digital engineering in order to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology.