17th October 2022

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Dreams are an essential part of our lives. For a very long time and even until today, most of us believe that dreaming slows us down a little. But in reality, they actually make you smarter. Read to know how.

Research suggests that while we are asleep, the brain mimics the activity patterns it encounters while we are awake, enabling us to see what a psychologist calls a "neural virtual reality." Scientists believe that while our bodies are at rest, our brains are sorting out the most significant events and details from the activities and knowledge that we have recently encountered.

In a lucid dream, you can face your fears head-on by putting yourself in a variety of unpleasant circumstances, and then adjusting as necessary. In the transitory condition between wakefulness and sleep, known as a dream, one might assume any identity or achieve any goal. To some extent, it has the potential to act as a stress reliever.

Dreams help think creatively when solving new challenges, increasing your capacity for creative problem-solving since they are vivid and illogical, which encourages associations and visualizations that aren't always possible when awake. In fact, a daytime nap can improve learning capacity and performance in the afternoon, particularly with regard to sensory perception abilities.

Although the scenes you see in your dreams are imaginary, the feelings they trigger are real, thereby acting as your twilight mental health professional. The dream state can help the brain deal with unpleasant experiences by isolating the feelings from the memories. They can also help put to sleep the negative feelings that are keeping you awake at night.

There are many benefits of dreaming, but one of the most significant is that it enhances the quality of your sleep by incorporating your awareness into your visions and, by extension, your sleep. Therefore, sleep not only reduces stress, boosts stamina and motor skills, but also encourages imagination and sharpens awareness.

So, next time you have a sound sleep with dreams, you know what’s in store for you.