21th November 2020, By Venkat V., Sr. Copywriter

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Diwali calls for special celebrations commercially with brands seen screaming for attention across sectors. This year the symphony of festival celebrations is being played at a subdued decibel owing to the pandemic and harping on emotions is seen to be at the forefront of the advertisers’ preferred communication themes. In these times, physical proximity may be taboo but not emotional bonding, as felt even by the ad industry. Let’s do a quick dekho of some of the heartwarming videos that are doing the rounds on YouTube.

Mankind Pharma is shown to believe in the healing touch of kindness. A restaurant owner who’s about to lose his mortgaged source of income throws a party for children as a warm gesture and with a heavy heart on the occasion of Diwali before shutting his business. As the party is in progress, a young man who shares a childhood bonding with the restaurant owner appears before him like a messiah and hands over the reclaimed bank documents, much to the delight of the owner.

Oppo mobile captures the emotions of a child. On the occasion of Diwali, the young one’s school teacher surprises him with a box of sparklers, similar to the ones which the child had lost over a prank played by his friend. In other words Oppo communicated the message of warmth and affection.

To mark the Diwali festival, an ad by Cadbury’s came out with an innovative idea of using technology and advertising on behalf of local advertisers who bore the brunt of COVID-19. This video by Cadbury Celebrations was tagged as, “Not just a Cadbury ad” and brought forth a sweet gesture by the chocolate honcho.

The festival of lights is a canvas for the Indian advertising fraternity to paint its creativity and in that respect, unabated by the pandemic; it proves itself to be light years ahead even this year.