22th February 2021, By Venkat V., Sr. Copywriter

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Necessity may be the mother of invention but necessity sans simplicity can be a lackluster component of our lives.

We are all inhabitants of the digital world today but deep within us lies the dormant craving for simplicity that prevailed during our childhood days. The ones who lived through the seventies have one such craving, for the nostalgic comic books which they would buy often by saving their pocket money. Can the latest version of the Kindle eBook or a Tab give us the warm feelings derived out of an Archie comic book, a passionately illustrated Tin Tin or the desi Tinkle comics?

The chillar parties of today who are so accustomed to an ebook may scorn the thought of a paper book as fuddy-duddy because they are steadily getting immune to the modern day e-saga amid the dwindling warmth factor. Going back in time, the Archie comic featuring the fictional teenagers Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle, Sabrina Spellman and Josie and the Pussycats used to be the subject of discussion among friends. The Phantom series liberally garnished with old jungle sayings had its unique charm. The Tin Tin magazine which published notable series such as Blake and Mortimer, Alix and the principal title – ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’ barely had equals. Coming to desi books, the Amar Chitra Katha with its mythological stories, Bahadur the superhero and Chacha Chaudhary with wholesome entertainment added the desired flavour while relishing the afternoon snack after school let-out.

When it comes to entertainment and gaining knowledge, we must certainly express our gratitude to the modern world which is giving us untold comfort and convenience. However deep within us, the matured adults of today, lie the imperishable, timeless comic icons of yore even as time flips the pages of our lives.