17th April 2020, By Venkat V, Sr. Copywriter

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It was a few days before the official lockdown that the ‘arrest warrant’ came from the ‘covid cop’ and working professionals began operating from home. Take a close look at the ‘work from home’ concept. It is not too uncommon ever since the Internet technology came into practice and even the seasoned advertising fraternity which is accustomed to working from home during weekends and holidays has welcomed it. In fact the pandemic only made way to stretch it further.

During the initial days of the lockdown, the mood was like the one felt on a holiday. As days went by, discipline started building, seriousness began falling in place and the habit of occupying the home office space at 9.30 am (if not a while before), started developing. If one looks at the effectiveness of the ‘work from home’ concept, the productivity may not have been hampered because, understandably, there is only a geographical shift in its place of origin. However those residing in smaller spaces may find it tough to keep themselves aloof from a cranky toddler and negotiating domestic distractions can be a challenge. Even domestic mobile and Internet connectivity can be an issue. But come to think of it, one saves on commuting time and related expenses, indulgence in vices and outside food and all such things known to drill a hole in the pocket. Offices are making huge savings on electricity charges.

An ad agency is the one which teaches other businesses to communicate effectively. Now the real litmus test comes for ad professionals working from home when they have to remotely communicate with each other by being effective and clear. And thoroughbred ad professionals know too well that clients don’t buy any ‘homemade excuse’ when there is a goof-up in communication.