28th October 2018, By Aman Jain, Account Planning & New Business

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The uprising- in any setting, is a result of revolt. An instinctive virtue that pushes us to protect what we call our own. There have been episodes in history when resistance has resulted in both change and chaos. It’s a responsible battle, where mass hysteria overpowers the motive. The intent is often unnoticed and truth often lost. This emotional discharge of rebellion, on a grand scale comes with its own challenges. The challenges of reaching truce with our own people.

Genuine dialogue, not rhetorical bomb-throwing

State owned projects are designed from the standpoint of ‘progress', with assessment on both the barriers and the impact. In most cases, the barriers are innate, like in the case of Palghar, where a bullet train project was met with a press-felt uproar from the locals. Closely similar is the case of Ratnagiri, with people revolting against the perceived damage to the ecosystem by an oil refinery. These concerns are understandably natural, more so because they have a direct impact on the lives of the people. But, what’s the cost of nobility?

Government responds to situations like these with regional lobbying, sometimes even brute force and most times with giveaways. A loan is waived. That’s a corporate response to an unorganised problem. Incentivising the problem is not the solution. There are no winners if the battle doesn’t end.

Shouldn’t the approach to resistance be dialogue? Genuine dialogue, not rhetorical bomb-throwing. To mitigate the issue, why not hear it?. The approach always misses out on the most powerful action tool. Dialogue. This lopsided singular tone of action, where conversations are missing or inexistent, creates more friction and as mentioned earlier, results in the loss of intent and truth. With strategic communications however, both the agitation and the myths that fuel such agitations can be controlled. With information, aspiration and emotion, the government can achieve a better congeniality with the people. To stay in power, listen to its source.

Goldmine is working with Ratnagiri Refinery And Petrochemicals Limited and National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited to build dialogue in Palghar and Ratnagiri by action and inspiration.