3rd April 2018, By Aman Jain, Account Planning & New Business

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“I’m a rationalist”, says Samson. He’s been a part of Goldmine since the last 11 years. Catching up with Samson in his cubicle- on what drives him, the things he likes to do and the beliefs that he holds dear. “Any view appealing to reason as a source of knowledge or justification makes sense to me. I believe certain truths exists as in the case of logic, mathematics, physics, metaphysics that cannot be denied”, he adds.

Goldmine HR: Here’s Samson

“Testing my mathematical aptitude and logical reasoning”, says Samson on the things he loves doing the most. As a person who understands and embraces rationality, no wonder equations entertain him. But what’s surprising is the fact that a man who is known and respected for his copywriting expertise is not only a hardcore math enthusiast but loves to play the Violin too.

On what inspired him to write, Samson recalls his childhood days, “My essays in school would be put up on the soft board”. Those were the early years that groomed his acumen. Having contributed to thousands of ad-communications since then, he advocates simplicity and clarity. “The Tata Motors ad during IPL. I found it smart”.

A man loved and admired by all, with an experience that is beyond the tick of time, Samson smiles when we ask him if he thinks the world is just. “No. It isn't. But that's why we have God and, of course, our parents”