7th June 2022, By Rupa Das, Creative Director - Copy

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The right content can uplift any idea into a great story. The usage of the Platform is incidental.

Advertising has four primary functions to perform i.e, inform, educate, persuade, and remind individuals of your product or business. It is a well-known fact that the majority of people do not trust ads. While the single agenda for most of the ads remains to sell the product/service, what makes a good ad great is how you make your customers feel with your communication.

Riding on the fitness wave, Nike used this short & sweet tagline that instantly connected with their customers - 'Just Do It'.

Another one from Coca-Cola wherein they replaced the brand name with words like 'Bhai', 'Didi', 'Ma', and 'Papa', among others, on one side of the label. This resulted in establishing a personal connection with consumers and resonated well with the brand message.

While creating meaningful advertising communication, you can choose a suitable platform depending on the brand objective and identify and advertise on the platforms used by your target audience.

It would be a good idea to differentiate and tailor content across platforms. For example, a trending meme may work well as a Tweet but could fall flat in an Instagram post. Likewise, sharing business-related news on LinkedIn and curated content on Facebook would drive much better engagement.

In this dynamic and competitive digital marketing landscape creating consistent, engaging and quality content is the key to your audience's heart and purse strings. Therefore, it is rightly said that Content is King but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house.