30th August 2022, By Amol Waghmare, Copywriter

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We all dread the word “Deadline.” Apart from having the word ‘Dead’ in its name, effectively meeting them without getting exhausted is a challenge in itself.

The only way to overcome the fear of deadlines is to face them upfront. And in this battle, your best weapon is proper planning. With the right planning and scheduling, you can handle the pressure of deadlines effectively without compromising on the quality of work.

With that said, here are some handy tips to manage your work as per the deadlines. But before getting started, it’s important to understand that like all good habits, planning gets better by practicing regularly.

List down your work and prioritize: This helps you set the timeline for a day. Make sure to follow a checklist to keep track of your achievements.

Set an uninterrupted time of work: Give yourself a set time for uninterrupted work rather than working in small intervals. Working on multiple tasks simultaneously is a recipe for not getting anything done.

Know your productive time: By now, you must have figured out your most productive time. Whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl, plan that time to undertake tasks that take the most effort. You can undertake tasks like reworking a project during your less productive times.

Avoid spending too much in your inbox: Checking emails keeps you updated on your current and upcoming tasks. However, spending too much time checking emails may result in the loss of precious time. It’s important to set a time for checking emails and look at only the important details of the mail.

Start small: Multiple tips can seem quite daunting at times. Hence, start incorporating one or two of these changes and get better at it over time. Then, you can move forward to the next step and make your planning more efficient.