15th September 2022, By Amol Waghmare, Copywriter

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Quick! Think of a big fire-breathing dragon in a city.
Your mind must be running through millions of vivid images of a flying beast, roaming around city skylines. But putting that image on canvas needs years of practice.
Wouldn’t it be much better if you could do it with just a few commands?
Well, you’re in luck thanks to the AI art creation platforms like "Dall-E2 and Midjourney."
AI has come a long way from automating mundane tasks and tipping its toes in creative endeavours. And as a result, it is transforming the idea visualising process.

How does AI create amazing artwork?

Although it's rather tricky to find out what exactly goes in the minds of AI while creating an artwork, two technologies play a major role in the process.
Let's take a look at them.


It's an AI algorithm that turns word command prompts into beautiful artwork.
Let me show you how.
For example, if you want to create an artwork depicting "A Goat taking a selfie with an IPad in a Mona Lisa Style," it reads the keywords like

- Goat
- Taking selfie
- IPad
- Mona Lisa Style

It then combines all these factors while adding its own aesthetic flavour to create art like this.

2: Diffusion

As the name suggests, the Diffusion AI reverse engineers an image by adding a Gaussian blur. It then reverses the process to eliminate any imperfections in the image to create a crystal-clear and High definition image like this.

Implications of AI art in Creativity

From a creator's perspective, AI art generation is the best way to get your creative juices flowing, as it allows you to manifest your ideas in a visual format. Tools like Midjourney are excellent at manifesting your vivid imagination on your screen so that you can create your finalised artwork 10X better.
Here’s how to get started;
Visit https://www.midjourney.com/home/ and open your Discord account. If you don’t have one, you can create it for free.
Once you enter Midjourney’s official Discord, look for the #newbies account to open a chatbot.
Now, use /imagine prompt and type whatever you want to create an artwork. It can be absolutely anything.
Now witness the magic of AI and let your imagination run wild.
And by the way, here is what Midjourney created for “Fire breathing dragon in a city.”