15th February 2023

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Customer opinions matter whether good or bad! And, you get a lot of them on digital media platforms as people are more likely to give an honest review on things when they can remain anonymous to avoid direct communication. For a digital media company feedback is extremely important as an invaluable part of their marketing strategy, giving insights on how to improve their business, product, or overall customer experience.

How to get customer feedback:

Surveys: Try some Ready-To-Use Customer Feedback Survey Templates.

Emailers: Attractively designed, engaging and compact emailers can help

Social media: Listen to the feedback, you can also ask for it through Contests/Polls

Review websites: People voice their opinions on review websites (e.g., Google Reviews/ Amazon/TripAdvisor). In this digital era, 85% of the consumers search for online reviews before making a decision.

Feedback from Live Chat Supports:

xIn-App Feedback

You can incentivize or provide a gift to encourage feedback in return.
In short, getting feedback from customers is a great way to build your product or service and an easy way to grow your business. It can inform if a product or service is falling short of your customer’s expectations and allow you to tweak or change it. It can also provide valuable insight into how customers view your business.

Companies often ask for feedback but don’t do anything with it. So how do you approach this? First of all, take a good look at the responses, categorise them, then share the feedback within your organisation to implement those changes. This could be your product or customer support team. These teams would have a better insight into the subject and be able to prioritise and decide how to put the new strategies in motion.

So, to stay ahead of the competition, keep an eye on customer feedback and never stop listening to them, whether positive or negative, prompted or unprompted. Then, you need to collect and analyse the feedback to better your business as a satisfied customer will always stay with you.