5th April 2022, By Shruthi Acharya, Copy Supervisor

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“Where do you get this outfit from? It looks beautiful on you.” “You think this is as good as the brand promises? If only we had someone who gave honest reviews.” “Do you think this cosmetic will suit my skin? I really need someone to guide me in making the best choice” There was a time when the only people to share honest reviews were our friends and families. From shopping to travel to accommodation, they helped us make a better choice to have a worthwhile experience in whatever we did.

But today, there are many sources that navigate our choices to its best destinations. One of which is influencers. Rightly called as influencers, they hold the power to guide and determine our buying decisions.

It’s safe to say that Influencer Marketing is growing rapidly in India, because we buy what we see & influencers give that exposure to their audience. With their honest reviews about brands, products, places, etc., they build trust with their followers.

Brands know that the kind of followers these micro/macro influencers have is not less than a precious database which will not be found anywhere else. This encourages the brands to collaborate with the influencers to advertise their business/product.

Every niche category has an influencer. Which means, the potential of every market segment is tested by a specialised influencer. Through this, the audience only has to select a category of their choice & evaluate as per their interest.

Influencers are one of the most reliable advertisers as they give real time experience by showcasing the products in their videos. This factor plays the most important part in attracting the audience. Also, did you know that Influencer marketing is more affordable & creative than traditional marketing? Yes, because reach plays the role of differentiator. Hence, brands find it profitable to collaborate with influencers as they also create content for the brand’s social media channel and bring business.