16th November 2022

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Diwali, a festival of love, togetherness and joy is celebrated in every home of the country. It is more than a celebration of mere festivities, it is a celebration of smiles, cherishable moments, warmth of the heart and more.

So, we decided to make these emotions our festivities and make our diwali ‘Dil-wali’. With brands like IOCL, Bob Credit Cards and John Deere we coined communications for our Diwali campaigns that were decorated with lights of happiness, bursts of laughter and sharing the treats of good deeds.

As Diwali is a festival of lighting up hearts with good deeds, we thought of using this insight for IOCL’s Diwali film. The film was based on how your good deeds can light up someone's life. The film was appreciated by the viewers and we were able to get 2.8+ million views on YouTube.

While adding some bursts of laughter, Bob Credit Cards came up with a fun campaign called #ShoppingKeNayeBahaane. Diwali is a festival where we find reasons to buy new things because of the auspiciousness of the occasion and this insight helped us weave this campaign. The film received a rewarding response with over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Light is one of the prominent aspects of Diwali. Thus, we created a film for John Deere that talked about the significance of light and how it illuminates the life of an individual by bringing success into one’s life. The film portrayed light as a metaphor to new beginnings, prosperity and hope. It was appreciated across all the platforms and the engagement it received, actually lit up our world. With 534,584 views on FaceBook and 419,968 reach, we received our Diwali treats.

That’s how we celebrated our Diwali, with goodness, happiness and emotions.