17th April 2020, By Shruti Acharya, Copy Supervisor

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What are people up to these days, you ask?

They have turned to Social Media and OTT like never before. While half the ‘working from home’ population has lost track of what day it is, some are making the most of this time by developing their side hustle. Everyone wants to come out of this lockdown as something that they have always imagined to be. And why not? Life has been on a fast track with unimaginable schedules, where we all had the time, but were caught up in different moments. But hey! Here we are now. Stuck in a lockdown or say, chilling in a lockdown with our family. Spending time which was, once, only a dream.

According to Business Today, there has been an 87% increase in social media usage amid lockdown and people are spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram as compared to the period before the lockdown.

While parents and baby boomers are having the time of their lives consuming news on WhatsApp, learning to make TikTok videos and Skype-ing their long-lost friends, there’s a group which has found love in the time of crisis. Love for binge-watching. In between flattening the curve and beating the pandemic, they are also digging out series that were aging old in their favourites and watchlist.

OTT Platforms have been winning sprinters in the race of providing video content. With video-streaming giants like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime wooing subscribers by releasing the most-awaited shows, new movies and originals, there has been a 20% increase in viewership across several OTT platforms and metro cities contribute majorly in the number. The timings of viewing have changed accordingly – the evening peak consumption now starts at 6 PM as compared to 8 PM, and remains high until midnight.

Unlimited content to stay entertained, a comfy couch and the luxury of time, isn’t this together a dream come true moment?