22th February 2021, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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The New Year this time around set in with higher expectations, sweeter hopes and sensitive goals. The learnings of the past year hadn’t been dulled, the beaten and bruised still carried a ray of hope in their hearts. A hope that defined their determination, their fighter spirit and their relentless courage. Such was the spirit of our New Year film for Bharat Petroleum as well - Main Bharat Hun.

The film opens on various commoners and the staff of BPCL religiously performing their duties despite a nationwide pandemic and conquering the dual struggles of professionalism and personal safety. The voiceover highlights the similarities between a relentless India and a courageous BPCL employee, both of who have an attitude that is not deterred by challenges. Both of who are warriors and both of who are now up and ready to face the light of a new day with renewed energy. Feel the energy of India & BPCL as you watch the film here.