18th November 2019, By Rashmi, Copywriter

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Diwali brings in an influx of campaigns across all categories. But, one particular campaign that we wait for is of Tanishq jewellery. Every Diwali, they release a festive collection and weave an entire campaign around it that connects effortlessly with us.

But, what do they do different every year that makes it worth our while? Read to know!

Riwaazon Wali Diwali | Viraasat (2019)

Living the age-old traditions in the contemporary times and finding joy in them is the message the brand chose this year and made it astonishingly beautiful.

Tanishq Wali Diwali | Utsava (2018)

iDiwali is enjoyed by people from across cultures, age-groups and social circles. This campaign underlines them all with the festive spirit.

Tanishq Wali Diwali | Shubham (2017)

The joy of gifting may be divine but the emotions involved in receiving them are extremely special. The video captures the essence of gifting but, from the receiver's perspective.

Tanishq Wali Diwali with Deepika & Family | Divyam (2015)

By roping in a celebrity along with her family, Tanishq diminished the boundaries of social class, beautifully.

Finding these nuances of the occasion and highlighting them emotionally is what strikes the right chord with the audience for Tanishq, every festive season.