18th November 2019, By Avani, Copywriter

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Whether an idea is a million dollar one or worth a penny, it all comes down to it’s final execution in the end. This is where the designer helms his ship of art. The wise one, holds on to his steering wheel of patience through all the storms of client changes. One such wise man, that we know is Saurabh Kanekar.

He believes his forte lies in Typography. He likes combining images with fonts and creating a beautiful canvas for his clients. Given a choice, he’d want to add a pinch of this expert art in all his creatives.

Before starting to work on any of his creatives, he takes time off to understand the mandates: The client’s brief, the product, the target audience and his input as a designer to the project. He believes that while delivering what the client wants, it is essential to also add his creative visualization to the final output.

Lastly, when asked about his inspiration he said it comes to him from his cousin, who is also an artist. It was under his guidance, that he got trained in designing. Although his cousin was more into fine arts, the essence of making excellent work comes from him.

Everyday, this 26 year old young enthusiastic designer strives to create a masterpiece with the best of his efforts and hard work. We stand by this spirit of his.