1st March 2019, By Vanessa Furtado, Associate Creative Director-Copy

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Sitting atop a towering sand dune in Jaisalmer, sharing a small space with friends on the cold sand, we eagerly looked east. It was 7.22 am. The crowds poured in and reserved a spot for the magnificent show that nature had in store for us all. And then it began. From what seemed like the end of the earth and the beginning of the sky, there, in a far off point in the horizon shone a tiny light. We all took a deep breath, and in just a few seconds we were filled with awe and amazement. The sun rose its beautiful head and lit up the dunes. But even before we could make out the sun's silhouette properly, the moment was jolted out of its magic by incessant clicks here and flashes there. My peaceful gaze was broken with all the shutterbugs surrounding me. I looked around and was startled by how almost every single person had their camera phones held higher than their heads. Everyone watched the sun’s light show through their camera lens. Alas, my heart broke.

Memory Drive before Phone Drive

We are in a time where we no longer record memories in our mind. We no longer take in unfiltered sights through our eyes. We simply rely on our mega pixel camera phone to document the magic. How ever will we make memories if we are not living in the present? This was just one instance. I am sure you too have experienced this sad reality first hand. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right, but what I do know is that it makes me sad.

Let’s stop giving our gadgets so much importance and focus on our gifted capabilities. After all, our storage capacity is limitless and of course, FREE.