18th November 2019, By Venkat Sir, Copywriter

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Rural Marketing in the Digital Age: Our success story with John Deere

"Catch thy moments with hooks of steel". It's in every marketer's blood. In fact, today's marketing gurus salivate on sensing the closest opportunity to adroitly synchronize their brands with a BIG NEWS, be it current or anticipated and make their brand wagon ride high. Thus, 'Moment Marketing' is born.

The apparent and vital reason for 'moment specific' marketing communication to breed can conveniently be attributed to the ease in executing them. Yes, ease because when the Moment Marketing route is adopted, marketers don't need to create a reason to advertise their brands. The BIG NEWS, event or incident is already there or likely to happen. It's half the battle won. All that is required is to have a catchy message that is timed with the event and go bang on.

There is nothing new about Moment Marketing. Over many years, as we have all seen, Amul is one big brand which swears by it with billboards and print ads conveying rib tickling messages that match with an event or a news. In the wake of the monsoon, there was a time when the lower back page of ToI was dedicated for the much awaited MRF Tyres ad. It would predict the arrival of the first showers that would hit Mumbai, reason enough to change to MRF Tyres! As for the present times, with the advent of the social media, Dabur is yet another brand which resorts to Moment Marketing and there are many others who follow suit.

Given the scenario, we can conclude that Moment Marketing is a time-tested proposition and there appears no reason to refrain from it, provided that it does not boomerang with a negative impact. However it is a big 'NO' when the situation calls for a serious communication. To get a message across in a lighter vein and to add to the brand recall value, Moment Marketing indubitably calls for attention.