17th January 2023

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Shopping is an activity, yes an activity, that almost everybody adores. It is quite probably like a stress buster for many. However, there are times when shopping is restricted by either occasions or budget. That doesn't stop them from dreaming about shopping though.

This is what Bank of Baroda tapped into, their goldmine of rewards and offers- "Bank of Baroda Credit Cards." Giving people a chance to think of reasons to shop. And why would they shop? Because Bank of Baroda Credit Card offers would be so alluring that they just won't be able to stop themselves. Bank of Baroda credit cards have an array of discounts right from flights to hotels to electronic devices, you name it and they have it! What is even more exciting is the race to earn more reward points. These reward points are almost like a bait for people to find shopping ke #NayeBahaane, hence the hashtag for the campaign!

For example, you want to buy a phone case but the offer provided by Bank of Baroda is so attractive that you end up buying a new phone instead! In our regular busy lives, we wouldn't ever think of such fancy reasons to shop but when offers are so mouthwatering and affordable, then why stop yourselves?

This campaign was rolled out in the form of static posts, reels, and YouTube videos and oh, what a response this pro-shopping campaign got! This quirky idea of getting shopping on everyone's priority and to-do list was well appreciated.

One thing that this campaign taught us was that thinking out of the box is good, but thinking completely out of the league and acting is something else!