15th July 2022, By Lakhan Varma

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You must have been hearing about the metaverse from every second person you meet. The whole world is talking, learning and imagining about it. But, it is not something available on search or present in front of our naked eyes. It is a whole new digital world coming straight out of this universe. And rightly so, we can enter this out-of-the-world experience through a digital medium. Before we deep dive into this new-age innovation, let’s understand the idea behind it. Because clearly, what was once a science fiction limited to books and movies, is now a reality.

The metaverse is a smartly defined concept referring to shared, immersive, lifelike digital spaces in which people’s AVATARS and their belongings can freely interact. It’s accessible through high-end VR/AR headsets, goggles or other device screens. The idea is that future integrated platforms will support the activities of daily life in workplaces, entertainment venues, classrooms and more, on metaverse.

To simplify this further - Remember how in our childhood we had action fingers and barbie dolls? We’d excitedly name them, buy outfits for them, comb their hair and secure them like a prized possession. Well, this is 2022 and that obsession is back! But this time, with a twist. You can now have your own, exclusive miniature figure that resembles your personality in terms of appearance, choices and belongings - hairstyle, bags, clothes and other accessories. The only difference is, it will all be digital and virtual. That’s Avatar, brought to you by Instagram.

These Avatars are not just stickers or animated emoticons, but they are the key to unlock the new opportunities entering the metaverse. Meta is also planning to launch the avatars on WhatsApp. You will soon be able to send them to your friends and also use them during video calls.

Well, if this information has got you excited, then here's how you can also create your avatar.

  1. Open Instagram and select the "Story" tab.

  2. Click a photo of yourself or upload one.

  3. Tap the "Stickers" icon on the top of the screen.

  4. Then click the sticker labelled "Avatars."

  5. Click on 'Create Avatar' and 'Get Started'.

  6. Tap "Done" and "Save" after making your avatar.

This is not the end. In the near-future, you will be able to hangout with your friends virtually, which will feel real. To amplify this experience and your avatar look, you can buy a digital version of your favourite brand’s outfit by making a genuine transaction. The clothes or objects that you purchase will be yours but only virtually. This Luxury clothing from brands like Balenciaga, Prada, and Thom Browne are available in digital pixel forms.

In other words, whether you're ready or not, the metaverse is coming for you. The development of these cute little personalities is just the beginning of redefining your presence in the new digital world.

So, let’s start creating our avatar and share it with our friends and be in line with the new cool!