10th November 2018, By Venkat, Copywriter

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There is a remote chance of the existence of a country with such diverse languages as India. It is a matter of delight for a linguist. However communication is not bounded by commonly spoken and written languages. Consider the one used by the hearing impaired for instance. It does strike a chord of amazement with its power.

Power of Communication

A piece of an erroneous written communication, at the face of it, may look alright but could lead to the cold blooded murder of the language. . Take the instance of the age old saying - ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. How will it read, without a space between ‘pen’ and ‘is’. The error without the space cannot be trivial. Yet another instance is the case of the commonly seen roadside board which says ‘Go slow, work in progress’. Wouldn’t it leave a scar on the Municipal Corporation’s face if the comma is inserted after ‘Go’ and not after ‘slow?’.Here, a proofreader plays an important role. The power of communication is writ large on instinct driven species as well. If you observe a caravan of ants you can see them ‘kissing’ as they move in opposite directions. In this process, these ‘romantic’ ants actually inform other ants so that all the ants coming for food can take the same route. What a wonderful sense of communication! Amid the quiet ambience of a seashore when you hear the palm trees whisper, their language isn’t bound by even a thin coir of any complexity. And yet it is so soothing. Can there be more sweetness to a language than the one voiced by a nightingale indicating the arrival of spring? A powerful communication can even be made through dance mudras. For instance, take Kathakali, the popular dance form of Kerala. In Kathakali, the artist narrates an entire epic gracefully using body language in the background of drumbeats, typical of the state. As we see around there is a conspicuous shift in the mode of communication. In the days of yore the world was solely dependent on postcards and inland letters which reached their addresses at their own relaxed schedule. Then came the social networking apps. along with the current digital era in which communications happen within a wink. The mode of communication may have changed. But the communication if looked deep into is still powerful even at times without the use of any grammar. Grammatically, the power of effective communication in the English language can be enhanced by the use of a figure of speech or a play of words. In one of the European countries, a kind woman noticed a street side beggar holding a placard which said - “I am blind, please contribute some money”. The woman gently picked the placard and wrote - “It’s such a wonderful day but I can’t see it”. Thereafter this wonderful piece of communication attracted a train of passersby willingly offering money to the beggar..

Communication, in the purest form can even be devoid of grammatical regulations. At times, to communicate one need not complicate, to dramatize, one need not gramatize. It is all about conveying a point without any concentration and dilution. An effective communication in any form has to be coherent with lucidity, crispness and emphasis. The more effective one’s communication, the more receptive is the listener or the reader.