15th February 2023

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A celebration of thoughts, ideas and the collective spirit of community away from the eyes of the world and its politics, Jaipur Literature Festival is a cradle that nurtures young minds and their curiosity.

And Goldmine made the most of it. Tasked with representing Bank of Baroda’s social media handles at the festival and augmenting its reach, Goldmine had one of the most amazing experiences.

But did we get it done?

With lots of legwork and a whole lot of love for literature.

On the ground we had everything planned out to the t. People visiting the stall had to Spin the Wheel and according to what their luck favoured, they had to play Guess the Author by looking at the cover of the book. Winners who answered all the answers correctly, received books signed by their favourite authors without having to stand in long queues while lucky winners from Spin the Wheel took home some exciting Bank of Baroda memorabilia.

For online, we had a complete package planned. A narrative was woven over 5 days of the festival through which valuable inputs on significant world issues were shared on social media through posts and videos. And an engagement of 14,05,838 and a reach of 46,58,058 was achieved through our efforts.

Snippets of interviews of our favourite authors speaking their heart out about their experiences, regular updates of panel discussions and games like “Genre of the Day”, “One Word Story” and “Books that Inspire You” generated a huge engagement of 1,15,073 and a reach of 5,46,000 across social media.

The campaign proved to be a success and garnered huge traction on social media.

To sum it up, our posts got a lot of impressions but above all, it left an everlasting impression in our hearts and minds.