17th April 2020, By Avani Sangani , Copywriter

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The time belonged to the lockdown. The world had come to a standstill. The hustle had taken a halt. We too in our homes were waiting for the world to heal. Our gusto and ardor however, were firm within us. It was just in that moment, when we got an opportunity to be a part of two of the biggest amalgamation projects happening in the country. Allahabad Bank was merging with Indian Bank, and United Bank of India along with Oriental Bank of Commerce was merging with Punjab National Bank.

Transcending the model of working remotely with an impeccable communication and coordination - we were able to deliver both the campaigns at the right time. What otherwise would have been hindered by the lockdown was overcome by our passion and persistence. Harmonizing the requirements of the client with our creativity, we chalked out the right plan in the aforesaid timeline.

The Campaign and its Outcome:

  • Indian Bank had it’s requirement clear, wanting to establish a simple yet impactful message on them coming together with Allahabad Bank. Assuring their customers, that this is for their betterment and in a way a symbol of the bank’s growth. It was then that we came up with a campaign that focused on sustaining the customer’s trust. With “#TwiceAsGood” as the campaign emblem, we delivered a 360 degree campaign on both their mainline as well as social media platforms. Through a series of videos, TVCs, Jingles (in multiple languages), ORMs, merchandising, call center recordings, social media posts, we made sure that the merger turned out to be a successful one. With 13 thousand plus reach and 16 thousand plus impressions, 11 thousand plus engagement numbers and 10 thousand plus clicks our campaign reached the hearts and minds of the people successfully.
  • For Punjab National Bank, the brand wanted to take forward its mainline campaign “Together for the better” for its social media. Combining our efficiency with their ideas, we seamlessly executed the digital campaign for Punjab National Bank. Right from their 1st announcement post to their cover video for facebook, we were there with them throughout. Infact, even their post amalgamation FAQs and COVID & IBA advisory are handled by us. The result for this one turned out to be immensely successful with over a thousand retweets and more than three thousand mentions on twitter.

Goldmine today stands proud of its employees and their vigour to carry out these two mega projects with utmost ease. Overcoming challenges, Fighting against all odds and simply moving forward, we've proved that when the intention is strong, the outcome is bound to be successful.